What is the Best Quality Cotton?

100% Egyptian cotton is considered top of the line as its long fibers produce clean, classic weaves of fabric that are extremely strong and durable and yet thin and luxurious. A set of Egyptian cotton sheets in percale or sateen can cost in the region of $500 or more.

100% Pima Cotton trademarked “Supima” is second in line when it comes to quality. Pima is a soft cotton variety that is less likely than upland cotton to pill. A good set of Pima cotton sheets can be bought for around $200.

If the label on cotton says “100% Cotton” it is most likely American Upland cotton which is less expensive than the other varieties. The shorter fibers of upland cotton have a tendency to poke out of the weave making the fabric coarser and weaker.

Choose the best quality cotton sheets you can afford simply because you deserve the best. Give yourself a treat by dressing your bed in the luxury of 100% pure cotton and feel the difference for yourself.