Are Cotton Bed Sheets Really Better?

As we spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to choose only the best bedding that is not only durable but comfortable and healthy for our skins. Although micro-fiber sheets made from extremely fine polyester fibers are soft, more affordable and pill-resistant, they are not as breathable as cotton sheets and not the best choice for sensitive skins. Cotton is by far the best material for bed sheets as it is made from 100% natural fibers woven into different thread counts (the number of threads in a square inch). High thread counts are often an indication of the quality, smoothness, and durability of cotton fabric, however, the type of cotton may be even more significant.

Why Cotton Bedding is a Better Choice


While we sleep our body temperature constantly fluctuates which often disturbs our sleep when we waking up hot and sticky in the middle of the night. Cotton is a pure, natural fabric and when woven into bedsheets naturally ventilates it, making it breathable. It also absorbs the heat from our bodies allowing us to stay cool and dry throughout the night. In contrast, cotton bedding keeps us warm in winter by retaining our body heat.

Superior Softness

There is nothing better than the feeling of soft, clean, cotton sheets on your skin. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause any irritation. It is ideal for those suffering from sensitive skin who need to avoid any type of irritation. Less irritation and itchiness provides a better quality of sleep.


High-quality cotton sheets last much longer than cheaper, man-made alternatives. At the outset it may cost more but in the long run it will be worth the investment. Good quality natural cotton bed sheets will last almost twice as long as synthetic sheets. Considering the extended lifespan of cotton sheets you won’t need to replace them as frequently which will save you money over time.

Low Maintenance

Some think that washing cotton is a lot of work and that polyester is much less labor intensive. This is a myth as most cotton sheets can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and if you take them out of the dryer while they are still damp they can be dried flat which will reduce the time needed for ironing. There is no need for special detergents or fabric softeners as cotton is naturally soft. To reduce creasing, ensure you set your tumble dryer to a low temperature. Avoid washing your cotton sheets with other textiles and don’t overload the washing machine to ensure a better result.