6 Must Ask Questions before Buying a Mattress

Your body needs a comfortable sleep after a hard day at work. And the way to a comfortable sleep is through the mattress. It shouldn’t be too lumpy or too hard because that can affect your back, and if your sleeping posture is incorrect due to the mattress, you may be unable to sleep, and you will wake up with a terrible strain in your shoulders and your back.

To avoid that, you need to ask a few questions to the salesperson before buying the mattress.

Here are some of the essentials questions that will help buy the best mattress for your bed:

1. What is the ideal mattress size?

The easy answer to this question is the size of your bed. Measure the size of your bed, and you will find the best mattress size while purchasing. But it is easier said than done. There are multiple sizes to choose from, and that is where your dilemma will start.

Starting from twin size mattress measuring 74 x 39 to king size mattress measuring 80 x 76, the varieties are plenty. Ideally, you should consider the sleeping space you need. King mattresses offer more space than a queen size or full-size mattress. So, sleep on your existing mattress and measure the space you need before buying.

2. What is the ideal firmness of the mattress?

Mattress sellers often get this question, and the answers depend on the opinion of the user. Mattresses are categorized according to their firmness. Here are four types you need to know:

Foam – memory, latex, or polyurethane foam are some of the varieties available in this category. Memory foam focuses on body molding instead of motion transfer. They offer higher density. This is one of the most popular variants in the mattress industry.
Innerspring – the most affordable mattress variant that comes with multiple coils to distribute your weight and support your body while sleeping. Mattresses with more coils offer more comfort.
Adjustable – these are the most expensive ones as you can adjust your feet, head, and other body parts while sleeping. Adjustable mattresses are used in hospitals as they can solve health problems like asthma, snoring, and circulation.
Hybrid – the latest mattress variant in the industry, this one is a combination of specialty foam and innerspring. They provide good body support and are very cost-effective.

3. Which mattress is suitable for me?

The salesperson will explain all the features of the mattress before buying. Apart from the size, you should pay attention to the features like reinforced edges, quality construction and stitching, temperature regulation, conforms body curves, minimal body transfer, and even weight distribution.

4. What is the average price of mattresses?

The prices of mattress range from $300 to more than $3000. It all depends on the quality, brand, size, and material. Any honest salesperson will want to know your priority and budget before suggesting a suitable mattress. Ideally, you should consider the features of the mattress before spending on one.

Buying a cheap mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it will be comfortable to sleep on. You need to balance the price and the qualities to find the appropriate mattress.

5. When is the best time to buy a mattress?

Mattresses are not woolen garments that you should buy them before winter. You can buy them any time you want, but if you’re going to enjoy a discount, you should buy one when there is a national holiday like Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Presidents’ Day.

These are the times when mattress sellers offer hefty discounts. Many brands including Brentwood home, Casper, Leesa, etc. If interested in Brentwood home mattress, you can easily find the mattress discount code by simply going to Brentwood Home Coupon or visiting other websites.

6. Are there greener mattresses?

There are wool or cotton organic mattresses made from biodegradable substances and rubber, but the prices are much higher than the other alternatives mentioned above.

Purchasing a mattress may not be an easy task after all. But if you know the answers to these questions while buying, it won’t take long to figure out the best mattress for your bed. Happy shopping!